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Ed Ackerson is a songwriter, musician, record producer / engineer, instigator and facilitator. Founder of the bands BNLX and Polara, owner of Flowers recording studio, pointman for the Susstones electronic collective, Ed has many balls in the air and many surprises around the corner. A native of Stillwater, Minnesota, Ed currently lives in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

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Ed Ackerson links:
Flowers, the recording studio owned and operated by Ed
BNLX, the new noisepop band started by Ed and his wife Ashley
Polara, Ed's crypto-legendary pop/psych/experimental/indie rock band
Sideways, Ed's all-instrumental big beat pysch/soul freakout project
Tiles, Ed's notepad for electronic doodlings

The 27 Various Ed's pre-Polara psych-pop band
The Dig, Ed's first "serious" band from age 17-20
Susstones, a music, art and design cooperative run by Ed and friends

Ed Ackerson (only partial!) discography at AllMusic


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